General conditions



For the activities that are carried out with Roses Sub, it is necessary to reserve a place, which is not mandatory. But in this case the realization of the activities will be subject to the availability of places. If the client wishes to guarantee the contracting of any activity, the total cost must be paid for the reservation.

Prices are reviewed annually, with the possibility that they may increase. For a reservation made during the year prior to the date of the activity, Roses Sub can claim the difference in the amount from the client, to adjust to the current rate.

For reservations made more than a month in advance, Roses Sub reserves the right to be able to change schedules of activities, in order to adapt them to the flow of clients at that time.

The price of the dive does not include the guide service with a qualified assistant. In the case of wanting a guide for the dive, it must be requested during the reservation. The cost of the guide service will be added to the cost of the dive. It is the responsibility of the client to inform in advance of wanting to hire the guide service. (*Except for PADI Scuba Diver and N1 of FFESSM that the guide is obligatory).


All divers will be responsible for ensuring that their state of health is adequate for the practice of the type of diving in question in safe conditions.

For the practice of recreational diving, including experiences of first contact, baptism or similar, the person in charge of the center will require, in any case, a responsible declaration of the diver about his state of health, which will be carried out by completing the questionnaire of the annex I. When the answers to the questions in the questionnaire reveal the presence of a pre-existing condition that may affect the safety of the diver or it is known that his physical condition is not adequate, diving will not be allowed if Passing an annual medical examination is not accredited. In no case will the practice of diving be allowed under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics. Diving may not be practiced either when following a medical treatment that involves the consumption of medications that may affect the capacities necessary to carry out this activity in safety conditions.

If the diver does not have insurance that covers the diving activity, they can consult and contract our insurance proposals for optional health coverage that include diving.

It is the responsibility of each diver to be in possession of the diving certification corresponding to the level of the dives to be carried out. If the necessary qualification is not available or the dive guide in charge of accompanying the divers considers that for any reason a client is not qualified to carry out a dive, he will have the power to not allow the client to carry out said dive. Roses Sub does not undertake to make any deduction for this.


The contracted diving services include the belt, the weights and the 12 or 15 liter air bottle. The rest of the diving equipment is not included in the price. In case you want to rent it totally or partially, it is recommended to reserve it prior to arrival in order to guarantee its availability. It is the responsibility of the diver who rents the material to return it to the center in the same conditions as it was delivered. In case of loss or breakage, Roses Sub can claim the price of the cost of said material from the client who rented it.


All contracted services (immersions and courses) and prices of Roses Sub contemplate a radius of action that will be delimited by the area between the Port of Roses and Punta del Cap Norfeu, in Cap de Creus. Outside this radius of action, an extra will be charged for travel and/or fees, which will be communicated at the time of making the activity request.

A special price is established in the rate, for Groups and Diving Clubs, from 10 divers. Thus, offering a gratuity for the organizer of the trip or president of the club, with a minimum of 11 divers. For these reservations, the client will contract a ski pass for as many dives as desired, for each person. Roses Sub is not responsible if, once at the destination, a diver decides not to do the contracted dives, for reasons unrelated to the Diving Center. Thus, the obligatory payment of all contracted dives.

Any change or cancellation must be sent in writing and confirmed by Roses Sub.
Cancellation costs will be applied depending on the date and conditions in which the cancellation is made in relation to the reservation:

The entire amount paid will be refunded less 10% for management expenses, in case of cancellation of the activity by the diver, provided that said cancellation is made 15 days before the date of the activity. Less than 15 days, the client will have to pay the total cost of the activity.


Dans les cas où les cours de plongée sont contractés et ne peuvent être effectués pour des raisons indépendantes de la volonté de l’entreprise, le montant des plongées ne peut pas être modifié. Dans les cas de l’hypothèse précédente, si la partie théorique du cours en question a déjà été achetée et/ou attribuée, elle ne peut être échangée ou remboursée, ni échangée contre des plongées.

Toute modification ou annulation doit être envoyée par écrit et confirmée par Roses Sub.
Des frais d’annulation seront appliqués en fonction de la date et des conditions dans lesquelles l’annulation est effectuée par rapport à la réservation :

· Tout l’argent payé pour le service contracté avec Roses Sub sera restitué en cas d’annulation de l’activité par le centre de plongée, quelle que soit la raison de l’annulation, sauf dans le cas où les conditions météorologiques sont défavorables ou constituent un danger à la vie humaine, auquel cas 70% de la valeur de l’activité en question sera remboursée.

· La totalité des sommes versées sera remboursée moins 10% de frais de gestion, en cas d’annulation de l’activité par le plongeur, à condition que ladite annulation intervienne jusqu’à 15 jours avant l’activité. Pour 5 jours avant, 50% seront retournés, moins de 4 jours, le client devra payer le coût total de l’activité annulée.

· En cas de problème médical, 75% de l’argent payé par la personne ayant ledit problème médical sera remboursé, à condition de présenter un certificat médical établissant son incapacité temporaire/totale à plonger. En cas de non présentation d’un certificat médical, l’argent ne sera pas restitué.

· Si des services ont été contractés avec des tiers et que l’activité contractée ne peut pas être effectuée par le client, il n’y aura aucun droit à une indemnisation.

Une fois que le client monte à bord du bateau, l’argent ne sera pas restitué si l’activité contractée (immersion, cours ou charter) n’est pas réalisée pour des raisons indépendantes de Roses Sub, telles que : vertiges, problèmes de compensation, problèmes de froid, problèmes avec l’équipement les problèmes propres au plongeur ou d’autres problèmes non liés à l’entreprise.

Effectuer le paiement implique l’acceptation des conditions préalablement établies.