Diving equipment

New year,
new diving equipment

We do not reuse equipment from one season to another.

Every new season we release material. Because the experiences have to be enjoyed without the material being a handicap.

But what do we do with the team from the previous season?

We sell it at cost price. So you win and so do we, because we know that you can have quality material at almost half the price and we cover that cost.

Thus, the next time you come to see us you will have almost brand new material and with what you save with yours you pay for a good dive.


End of season at Cost Price


Store price 375€

DIN MC9 + XS Compact + Manometer + Octopus

New ultra-simplified monocoque second stage in ABS + elastomer + STAINLESS STEEL, very small in size (6 cm in diameter), very light (153 g) with a mechanism and construction studied to obtain the minimum number of components and great robustness. It is an intelligent purchase option due to its combination of features-reliability-price-maintenance cost, ideal for uses that require maximum reliability and also as a travel regulator given its lightness.

Store price 384€



AQUARIDE combines a traditional structure with a great climbing capacity due to its peculiar pattern that oversizes the lobes and extends towards the hips.

Its profile is especially hydrodynamic, which makes it a vest with an unusual ascent capacity/stowage volume/ease of advancement ratio under water.

It is also a very balanced model in terms of lightness, resistance, pocket capacity, comfort and a very reasonable price.


Store price 195€


Probably the most widespread monopiece in diving centers, due to its appreciated resistance, tightness and ease of placement. Its broad spectrum pattern make it an ideal suit for diving center equipment. Diver is a one-piece suit now also in a 7 mm version with a built-in hood and front zipper with smooth + smooth Acquastop© sealing system.

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