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Discover the wonders that are hidden under the
Cap de Creus Natural Park

Discover the wonders that are hidden under the Cap de Creus Natural Park

Scuba Dive Center in Roses

Find wonders in our little diving paradise, the Cap de Creus Natural Park!

Our diving

The first step to understand and put into practice the basic principles of autonomous diving.

Packs for

We organize your stay in our region so that you only have to enjoy diving.
We take care of the rest.

Know our dive center

30 years of experience is nothing.
The hundreds of adventures and thousands of dives… they are.

The wonders of the Costa Brava await you

Have you ever dived in the waters of the Costa Brava and Cap de Creus? What are you waiting for?


Unique places to explore diving and taking photos

Wreck diving

Discover sunken ships from the hand of our divers

Marine wildlife

From crustaceans, moonfish, corals to dolphins

For everyone

From beginners who have never set foot in the sea to experts who want to improve

Our courses

We love to train new divers and share the excitement of their first dive.

What level do you have?

To get you started
For starters
For advanced
For those looking for something more

Try Dive

Have you ever dived? You don't have to worry! Diving is like learning to ride a bike. And the first is our main specialty.

Open Water Diver

The first step to understand the basic principles of scuba diving and not depend on anyone else to make dives.

Continue Education

What if we told you that it is the gateway to live experiences full of emotion exploring the bottom with total freedom?


Looking for something more concrete? A wreck diving, nitrox or buoyancy course? We have it for you! That and so much more!

Try Scuba Diving

Thinking of having your first underwater experience?

If you want to enjoy your first experience but you are not yet ready enough to jump into a certification course, the Introduction ti Dive will allow you to try diving to see if you like it.