What do we offer you?


Practice snorkeling accompanying your family and friends in the water without having to take any course or use a bottle of compressed air.

What do we offer you?


You will always have an instructor or a captain by your side

Meet the marine fauna

Of the Costa Brava from the surface


One of our instructors will teach you how to use the material


Do not worry if you are missing something, we provide the material


Snorkel in beautiful and unique spots that you can only access by boat


Which team enters?

Everything. Goggles or face mask, snorkel, fins, and wetsuit

Do I have to know how to swim?

Yes, to participate in the activity it is necessary to know how to swim

How long does it last?

The activity lasts about 3 hours from departure to arrival

It is safe?

Of course. You will have at your disposal an instructor and the captain of the boat

Who can attend?

The whole family. Children under 16 must be accompanied

Where does the activity take place?

On the Costa de Roses and the Cap de Creus Natural Park


Do you want to come to one of our outings or accompany your family and friends?

Every day we go out with other divers who participate in our training. If there is room on our ship, there is room for you.

And also for the little ones in the house!

So they can share and enjoy moments with you.

Departure prices

Book with us

And snorkel in beautiful corners that you have never visited




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